Friday, 27 January 2012


The Firecrest vies with its cousin the Goldcrest as the UK's smallest bird. They are certainly very similar and both favour similar habitat. The Firecrest is by far the rarest of the two. I can find Goldcrests without too many problems. The Firecrest has been a real challenge and these shots are one of my highlights of 2011. I have followed up any Firecrest sighting on local blogs without success. I was aware they have been seen wintering at RSPB Arne. By chance I was sat on a bench when I noticed a Firecrest on a berry tree almost within touching distance.I saw a few more searching through thick bushes. I decided to place out a few perches and waited in hope. Amazingly a male bird landed on one of these perches while providing me with some excellent photographic opportunities. I was almost at eye level which was a real bonus. I doubt I will get a better opportunity to get such clean shots.


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